music that soothes: Bebel Gilberto

I discovered Bebel Gilberto through Chris after his trip to Brazil two years ago. Her voice is sultry and rich and anything in Portugese sounds beautiful. I thought this song appropriate for these beautiful August nights that we're experiencing here in Virginia. [youtube] (Ignore the video image and listen to just the song)

pretty lights & pretty music – The Anatomy of Frank

I've gotten to know The Anatomy of Frank quite well. Chris has been a member since 2010 and they've become a part of the family. They rehearse in our apartment and I'll occasionally bring them food from the restaurant (twenty-something year old guys will never say no to free food, I've found). Boys will be […]

Day 98

Yesterday Chris' band performed at the Charlottesville Pavilion! (Now known as the nTelos Wireless Pavilion - wtf?) I really like this shot simply because it's always difficult for me to capture him playing (either he's in the back and blocked by other people or he's moving too fast) so I'm glad I got a couple of shots. I […]

Day 94

Yesterday we ventured into Richmond for some music and food. We met with some friend on Cary Street, which is quickly becoming my favorite part of Richmond, at The Watergrill. The food was delicious - I got the Simply Grilled Lobster Tail with asparagus and broccolini but I could have used a larger portion of […]

Day 92

This picture was technically taken after midnight on April 3rd, not April 2nd, but I'm counting it anyway. I'm also posting this picture untouched for various reasons but mainly because of the light speck seen at the throat of my subject. I'm curious as to what you all think it is because I certainly don't […]

Day 83

Today I traveled with Chris to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia for their Battle of the Bands Charity Event. They had five bands perform for the kids and used a "clap-o-meter" to gauge the most liked band - Chris' band, The Anatomy of Frank, won. I'm exhausted but here's their keyboard player with his set […]

Day 78

I usually have a couple of photo project ideas running around in my head, some of them fizzle out and fewer of them are in-process.  But there is one that I actually want to pursue: photographing street musicians. Charlottesville's Downtown Mall (where I work and venture nearly everyday) always has at least a handful of musicians playing […]

Day 77

Chris' band had a show on Friday, which I half-attempted to photograph. It didn't really work - even with the highest ISO I couldn't get a decent shot. Regardless, they did a great job!

Day 73

Feeling a bit under the weather today, probably the beginnings of a cold. Also, it's possibly a side-effect from a not-so-healthy weekend. I'm pretty sure the only productive things I did today were bake grain-free, gluten-free brownies and cook a killer beef arm-bone crock-pot meal. Chris' band, The Anatomy of Frank, recorded a radio interview […]