Day 105

Things I do when the boyfriend is out of town: drink my post-workout smoothies straight from the blender. And yes, it's upside down on purpose.

Day 102

Reason #1,342 why I love Charlottesville: I get to play Connect Four with my boyfriend after consuming an obscene amount of food, which was our post-WOD meal. Thanks Beer Run!

Day 29

I love Saturdays - I feel like it's my most productive day of the week (probably because I don't have to go to work). I met with some fellow photographers this morning to get some editing done for a recent shoot and to talk photography. Getting to know how other photographers work helps me figure […]

Day 12

Meet Little Budai. We found this little guy on the patio when Chris was moving into the apartment over the summer. When the back porch was being built, he was accidentally damaged -  if you look closely, you can tell that his hands have been super-glued back together. And yet he's still smiling. He's quite a […]

Day 8

It's a very cold day here in Virginia (it even snowed overnight). Winter is still going strong and it sucks. I routinely joke that I'm genetically not built for this weather but it's sort of true - I'm from Guatemala, where the motto is "País de la Eterna Primavera" (Country of Eternal Spring). I can […]

Day 7

Below is something I worked very hard to earn. Last May I graduated from college with a double Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Spanish Literature. And phew! I'm glad to be done. There are parts of me that really miss school, but it mentally burned me out. Nowadays I try to enjoy the freedom I […]