Day 183 – 7.2.2011

Blueberry picking season! I've never gone and was invited to come along with my friends Jess and Alex (from It Started with Yum) and man, did we pick berries. My freezer is now stocked with four quarts of blueberries which will (hopefully) last me a while. I've already made plans to make blueberry jam with […]

Day 180 – 6.29.2011

I've had a lot of free time recently but it feels like I'm always rushing around. Ever since I was young, I've thrived on structure - everything must be scheduled. That's what I'm almost never late to anything. But lately, it's been making me a little crazy. With so much time to do what I […]

Days 174 – 178, 6.23.2011-6.27.2011

Phew! It's been a busy week! I completed my Whole30 (reflections to come!), we painted our revamped our apartment with Chris' parents, met up with my parents in Northern VA, had a great weekend, and now back to normal life! Let's review, shall we? 6.23.2011 - With Chris' parents in town and arriving late at […]

Day 169 – 6.18.2011

I spent Saturday morning cooking up a storm because after work I was heading down to Smith Mountain Lake to join Chris and his band at a private party show on the lake. Since I'm still on the Whole30, I didn't want to risk not having anything to eat so I made sure that I […]

Day 165 – 6.14.2011

I got some really exciting news today! I sent in a photo to the Whole Foods Charlottesville Food Photography Contest and found out my photo is a finalist! It's been an inspirational couple of days - this surge of creative energy has been oozing out of me. I've been taking photos, playing around with the […]

Day 157 – 6.6.2011

It is Day 15 for my Whole 30 Challenge and here's what has happened so far.. I'm sleeping like a rock My pants feel a bit looser (but just a little bit) My cravings for chocolate have been replaced with cravings for sweet potatoes I've prepared every single meal I've consumed for the past two […]

One Year of CrossFit

A year ago today I stepped into CrossFit Charlottesville for my very first On-Ramp class. I had just graduated from UVA and the classes were a graduation gift from Chris (he's sweet, huh?). I told him that I would commit to the month of On-Ramp classes and then I'd decide whether or not to continue. […]

Day 111

I hope to add many more weird decorations after we get back from our trip! But I love Lizzie the Lizard.

Day 110

Yesterday was a really long day for me. I worked a double at work which really drains me of energy, especially when I get difficult customers. But everything was made instantly better by the delicious meal that Chris cooked for the both of us. Grass-fed burgers (Thanks Wolf Creek Farm!) with bacon, tomato, mushrooms, cheese, […]

Day 109

Birthday boy! Chris turned 24 on Tuesday - I'm officially dating an older man. For his birthday dinner we went to Brookville Restaurant. Honestly, I cannot say enough good things about this restaurant. We had a relatively late dinner so we were the only ones in the restaurant but I liked it that way. Without […]