Days 131-132, Guatemala City and back in the States!

We decided to spend the last night in Guatemala at my paternal grandmother's house - she may be 84 but she'll hold a grudge for as long as you live. Her house is also the house where my parents and I lived while in Guatemala. It was way smaller than I remember, but it just […]

Days 129-130, Lanquín and Semuc Champey

In order to save some money, we arranged a ride from Río Dulce to Lanquín via a shuttle that made that commute into Lanquín everyday. The ad we responded to mentioned that it took some backroads which made it a more direct ride; however, these were not your typical backroads, these were through the mountains […]

Days 127-129, Río Dulce and Lívingston

In Flores, we had booked what we thought was a first-class tourist shuttle for the 5-hour trek to Río Dulce, the connecting point for a boat-ride into Lívingston. That was our first mistake. Our second mistake was taking said ride at night. "Miserable" would be the word that comes to mind if I were to […]

Day 127 – Tikal

We had booked a 4:30AM shuttle for Tikal, one of the largest sites of Mayan ruins. It's different from the other known ruins because it's hidden deep in the rainforest. From what our tour guide told us, it's believed that most of the structures are still left to be discovered. We were able to check […]

Day 126 – Flores, Petén

The trip from Xela to Flores was a long one - 13 total hours spent in a bus. We chose an overnight bus ride so it wouldn't be too bad but nothing replaces sleeping in a real bed. At least we saved on a hotel room for that night. Regardless, we arrived in Flores at […]

Days 123-125, Quetzaltenango and San Carlos Sija

After a very traumatizing (insert terrible motion-sickness here) car ride into Quezaltenango (also referred to as Xela [sheh-lah]), we realized that this was maybe the perfect Guatemalan city. It's populated enough that there are things to do but not so touristy where you're constantly approached to buy things. The sun was setting when we arrived […]

Days 121-123, Panajachel

After Antigua, we booked a shuttle to Panajachel, a town alongside Lago de Atitlán. The lake itself it surrounded by three volcanos, all of them majestic. The town we stayed in (Panajachel) was filled with street vendors and cute comedores. We arrived in Pana in the morning, with empty bellies so our first mission was […]

Days 119-120, Antigua

Crista (my godmother) dropped us of in Antigua so we could commence our backpacking journey. Antigua was really adorable with lots of church ruins, restaurants, shops, and tours. Its backdrop is also a volcano. The most beautiful part of Guatemala is definitely its natural environment - you're never too far away from mountains, volcanos, lakes, […]

Days 117-119, Guatemala City

[Sorry for taking so long to update, I've been crazy busy - but no more excuses! I'm going to start posting my pictures from Guatemala by location/event instead of by day-to-day.] We arrived in at the Guatemalan Airport at noon, where we were greeted by my godfather, followed by my paternal grandmother and uncle, and […]

Day 116 – See you soon!

This will probably be my last post for a while. Tomorrow Chris and I fly out of Dulles for Guatemala at 6AM. As you can tell, we won't be sleeping much tonight. I'll try to update whenever I can but I won't have my laptop with me so no pictures (although you can rest assured […]