Day 26

It's Restaurant Week in Charlottesville! It's been delicious and (not too) bad for my health. Last night we ventured to Horse and Hound and had a delightful time. Tonight was Brookville. We've eaten there before as we were attracted to their use of local and fresh ingredients. That's where we were first exposed to beef […]

Day 17

Screw Paleo and screw gluten-free. This was a bangin' ice cream brownie sundae. Thanks Boylan Heights!

Day 15

My post-workout meal today will also serve as the Dark Days Challenge that my friend Jess has set up. It involves using all local food for one meal a week, with the exception of two ingredients. I decided to make a beef frittata with apple on the side. My local ingredients were the ground beef […]

Day 11

Pictured: Pre-broiled pork chops and butternut squash. Not seen: roasted brussels sprouts, sautéed apples and onions, and spinach side salad. A very warm hearty meal for this cold winter night.

Day 9

Breakfast is probably my favorite meal. I don't usually have time to have a decent breakfast during the week so I try to really enjoy them during the weekends. I had a really proud moment this morning - I was finally able to make an actual omelet! Usually it's a failed attempt that ends up as […]

Day 5

I'm quickly realizing that the majority of my photos are going to be of food. I'm okay with this because 1) I gotta eat and 2) I like eating good food. Tonight we had homemade gluten-free pizza! We used Bob's Red Mill Pizza Crust Mix and our toppings included bacon (duh), chicken sausage, spinach, garlic, […]

Day 4

I was going to post a recipe tonight but the lack of energy (especially after snatches and clean & jerks) is getting to me. So instead here's a preview! The one thing I've learned to cook well is brussels sprouts - I just love the way they taste! This recipe is super easy too, so stay […]

Day 3

This past fall, Chris (the boy) and I took part of a cow-share with several other people from our CrossFit box. We purchased 1/16th of a cow from Wolf Creek Farm. Included were several pounds of ground beef, bones for beef stock, and some massive pieces of meat. Also, a tongue. We had eaten tongue […]