Days 119-120, Antigua

Crista (my godmother) dropped us of in Antigua so we could commence our backpacking journey. Antigua was really adorable with lots of church ruins, restaurants, shops, and tours. Its backdrop is also a volcano. The most beautiful part of Guatemala is definitely its natural environment - you're never too far away from mountains, volcanos, lakes, […]

Day 113

On Saturday, we ventured to the City Market for the last time before our trip. We stopped by Wolf Creek Farm's stand to say hello and meet them. (Hi Wolf Creek Farm!) They're unbelievably nice people. They actually know about my blog and offered us some homemade Beef Bulgogi and veggies (similar to kimchi). Seriously, […]

Day 99

Last night was a "stay-in-and-cook-yourself-a-nice-dinner" kind of night. Enter: scallops sautéed in bacon fat. The seafood guy at Whole Foods somehow convinced me to buy the higher quality scallops (which were also more expensive) so I only got four of them (hey, I'm poor). Pour some saved up bacon fat into the pan, let the […]

Day 94

Yesterday we ventured into Richmond for some music and food. We met with some friend on Cary Street, which is quickly becoming my favorite part of Richmond, at The Watergrill. The food was delicious - I got the Simply Grilled Lobster Tail with asparagus and broccolini but I could have used a larger portion of […]

Day 90

To say that we love desserts here would be an understatement. Here's one of Chris' not-so-healthy creations. Two chocolate chip cookies with greek yogurt in the middle. I did not partake in the consumption of this entity. I don't feel too badly about it - apparently "it looks better than it tastes."

Day 89

Pretty simple dinner tonight, but you can't get much more paleo than chicken sausage wrapped in bacon with a vegetable medley.

Day 88, Part One

Kinda dropped the ball yesterday and COMPLETELY forgot to take a picture. I was in a weird mental state all day - probably recovering from the not-so-healthy weekend away and feeling the effects of a cold I can't seem to get rid of. Today's been a better day, got some healthy meals in along with […]

Day 84

Just got back to Charlottesville this morning! Friday was a great day - spent some time in New Jersey at Chris' parents' house and headed to Philadelphia to explore. It was a windy/chilly day so we headed to the Reading Terminal Market. If you've ever been there and you know me, you'll know that I […]

Day 82

Inspired by the crappy weather and the fact that we had to use up a lot of ingredients from our fridge (we're going to Philly tomorrow!), I wanted to make good use of some left over Wolf Creek Farm ground beef. Behold, lettuce burgers with bacon, egg, goat cheese, and cherry tomatoes. And yes, they […]

Day 79

I'm sorry I haven't been updating everyday, I have been taking photos everyday though! Just getting a little lazy on the blogging part. The meal you see below is my attempt of including way more vegetables into my diet. Lately I've been depending on meat a lot to fill me up and perhaps it would […]