Upcoming recipes!

Okay, so I'm not just sitting on my butt and eating copious amounts of food (well, not ALL the time). I'm testing out a couple of recipes that I hope to share with everyone but several trials must be completed. (As a side note, testing recipes is a really good way to satisfy all your […]

August 27, Day 239

For those living under a rock (or you know, not the East coast), Hurricane Irene is pummeling through and actin' a damn fool. Since Charlottesville is on the outskirts of her wrath, it's been raining all day. Luckily, it hasn't been anything more than that and hopefully everyone is staying safe tonight. In preparation for […]

Day 189 – 7.8.2011

In this episode of "Weird Culinary Adventures with Jenni"... I cooked squid. And I wasn't intimidated or perplexed (and maybe I should have been). Having had squid many times before, I didn't really feel the need to look up a recipe or cooking techniques. I marinated it with a bit of Gunther's Gourmet Lemon Oregano […]

Day 74

Slight fever + achiness + rain = sad Jenni. Enter: chocolate pudding. Same recipe from Day 53 (recipe here). Went running this morning which was actually enjoyable despite the cold weather but then my symptoms kicked in. At least I have chocolate.

Day 53

Oh. My. God. I have discovered primal dessert GOLD. Chocolate pudding. We recently started a Whole30-esque lifestyle change and seeing how we're big dessert people, we needed something to satiate our sweet-tooth. This is it. It's the perfect little dessert. Simple. Easy. Delicious. Get the recipe here.