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pretty lights & pretty music – The Anatomy of Frank

I've gotten to know The Anatomy of Frank quite well. Chris has been a member since 2010 and they've become a part of the family. They rehearse in our apartment and I'll occasionally bring them food from the restaurant (twenty-something year old guys will never say no to free food, I've found). Boys will be […]

Day 163 – 6.12.2011

We've been hit by a recent heatwave here in Central Virginia but over the past 24 hours we've had two powerful thunderstorms rush through that have definitely cooled things off a bit. It felt a bit apocalyptic with all the wind and rain thrashing through but soon the sky cleared and the sun was out. I've spent […]

Day 75

I really like this photograph. I'm probably going to keep editing it but wanted to share where I'm going with it.