a girl’s best friend

I didn't grow up with pets and my first "pets" were beetles (not kidding). I had fish when I was little but the poor things never lasted very long. It wasn't until high school that my parents finally allowed me to get a cat (and now he's replaced me in the family tree). Animals don't […]

Day 72

I had a marvelous opportunity of being visited by another friend of mine, Jenny, and of photographing her dog, Oscar. Oscar was recently diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. It was a beautiful day to play with Oscar and enjoy some time with him.

Day 64

A very cute preview from a very photography-filled day. A great shoot at the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA!

Day 22, Photo 2

I had the marvelous pleasure of seeing a lot of friends and family today. Living away from my hometown creates a definite disconnect between my life here and people there. Hopefully these visits won't be too far apart. These two slobber-monsters belong to a friend of mine. They're gorgeous Boxers - Oscar, on the left, […]

Day 2

I went to the UVA vs. LSU men's basketball game tonight. It went pretty well - our team won. Nothing overly exciting occurred BUT! there was a frisbee dog performer at half-time. The lighting situation did not bode well for a great action shot but this was my favorite trick (and yes, the dog was […]