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I saw these images a few days ago and they stuck with me so I wanted to share them with you. What I love about them is that although  umbrellas are typically used during dark and stormy weather, this installation in Portugal is a playful contrast. Apparently they were part of an exhibit for an art festival called Agitagueda. I love the beautiful colors and how quaint that town looks. Certainly scratches the itch to travel abroad!

ImagePhotos by Patrícia Almeida (via My Modern Met)

3 thoughts on “Sunday Inspiration: umbrellas

  1. kyle78234

    Hmm, I think this should be used in the States. That pesky sun gets bright sometimes and it would be nice to have an umbrella watching out for me as I want around. 😀 (Probably know gonna have though, I know) Well anyway, thanks for finding these and sharing them! Definitely a cool idea. 🙂

    ~My Blog

  2. Jennifer Courtner

    so cool!!

  3. AshaS

    Wow! Thats an amazing picture.

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