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The National Wildlife Federation is always looking for new and innovative ways to connect families with nature and wildlife. A very big trend with millennial parents in recent years has been subscription boxes, which is what generated the idea for Nature Pack! At the beginning of the ideation process, we didn’t really know what people would look for in a nature subscription box.


User Research

To aid our research, I conducted several focus groups with internal staff and external users to see how they would respond to our pilot box. Each focus group consisted of at least 10 participants who fit within our set demographics. I facilitated the conversation by posing questions about the concept, the branding, and the website experience. We received invaluable feedback from our groups and used those pieces of information to finalize our concept.

Nature Pack Family Website
Mock ups for Nature Pack Family


In collaboration with our graphic designer, we came up with a landing page for Nature Pack Family that would capture our main audience and explain what the box subscription would entail. We used engaging photos with easy to understand calls to action. Additionally, I was tasked with designing the order process and the email template for the product.

Social Media

After the website went live, we hit the ground running with creating a social space where users could learn about the product. Alongside our content specialist, I helped manage a Facebook page and Instagram account to generate interest for Nature Pack. We posted content that was aesthetically pleasing and enticing to lead users to purchase. We also utilized paid marketing on Facebook and Instagram to boost our engagement.

The pilot launch of the subscription box officially ended in the fall of 2018, but it still taking orders.

Nature Pack Family Instagram Feed
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