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Whoo! I’ve made it over the 200th day mark! I don’t know what’s crazier, the fact that I’m in the 200’s or the fact that over 200 days of the year have gone by.

Anyhoo, I’m clumping days together because it’s less spam-y (not this spam-y) and because I’m lazy.

Monday started hella early (early enough for me to use the word “hella”) at 4am. Chris had a flight out of Richmond at 6 so off we went! When I got back to Charlottesville, the morning sun made the dew on our front lawn glisten. It was quite a beautiful morning!

I’ve been venturing the Farmer’s Market frequently and I’ve made it a goal to get something different every time I go, even if it’s something small. This past weekend I bought a half-purple pepper and decided to use it in a small frittata I made for the day. Apparently, purple peppers are full of antioxidants (like blueberries) so yay! It didn’t taste much different than a red or yellow pepper but it smelled way more potent.

Most of you don’t know this but I have a slight obsession with saving mementos. You name it, I probably have a stack of it somewhere – ticket stubs, notes, pictures, instruction manuals, etc. While bored at work, I rifled through my journal and found this drawing. I can’t place when/where it was from but it was a cute little keepsake from Chris (even if it does look like a five year old drew it).

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