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This past weekend was exactly what I needed it to be. I started off by working a double on Friday (as a result, no photo) which established a surprisingly enjoyable rhythm of craziness. Chris and his parents were visiting for the weekend so I managed to get the two days off.

Saturdays mean Farmer’s Market in the summer and since I wasn’t working that day, I took my time venturing through the booths, tasting the fresh fruit, chatting with the vendors. (Btw, 7am is the BEST time to go to the market – it’s cooler, there’s less people, and no one’s sold out of anything!)

It was also Restaurant Week in Charlottesville and we got a reservation at my favorite place in town, Brookville! Their menu did not disappoint (although the portion sizes could have been a bit more filling, but that’s an issue with all of Restaurant Week). Who can say no to good wine and good food? (Answer: not me)

I spent Sunday finishing The Omnivore’s Dilemma (which I would recommend to anyone interested in taking care of their health – which I hope is everybody). After completing the book, my first reaction was to go into the kitchen and start cooking. I was also hungry (when am I not hungry?). On the menu for Sunday night: beet chips, cauliflower rice (recipe here), Indian-inspired tomato and mushroom sautée, and grilled flank (courtesy of Mama Garay). Meal = success! It was a great meal to share with Chris before he left for another two weeks!

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