Days 174 – 178, 6.23.2011-6.27.2011

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Phew! It’s been a busy week! I completed my Whole30 (reflections to come!), we painted our revamped our apartment with Chris’ parents, met up with my parents in Northern VA, had a great weekend, and now back to normal life! Let’s review, shall we?

6.23.2011 – With Chris’ parents in town and arriving late at night, we gave them our bedroom for the duration of their visit. The aerobed is actually quite comfy! Not the most creative picture but sometimes you lack inspiration.

6.24.2011 – While the family was slaving away painting and renovating our apartment, I spent the day at work and then helped make a home-cooked dinner – BBQ ribs, grilled kale (which caught on fire), and a brussels sprout medley. I hadn’t had ribs in so long, mmmmm ribs. I felt like a true cavewoman.

6.25.2011 – I would be meeting up with my parents and godparents who were visiting from Guatemala in Northern VA. My parents and I took them to see the Great Falls Park rapids, where the Potomac River flows through and what used to be a canal for transportation. In the evening, we went to go to see the Spirit of Atlanta, the drum and bugle corp that Chris teaches, perform in Arlington, VA with Chris’ parents. After the show, Chris and I went to get some fantastic homemade soft-serve ice cream and a chocolate espresso tart. I hadn’t had much dairy since coming off the Whole30 and I found out that yes, I’m lactose-intolerant, but man, that ice cream was WORTH IT. Also, I wouldn’t see Chris for three weeks so a major cheat was fine by me!

6.26.2011 – My godparents were heading out of Chinatown in DC for New York so we spent the latter part of the morning being tourists and walking around DC. We didn’t see as much as we wanted because parking was such an ordeal but we got some great weather and even better company. My dad is cheesy (and mildly embarrassing) for wearing a “USA” shirt while in DC.


6.27.2011 – I’ve realized that I want to maintain most of the habits I formed during the Whole30 but not so strict so I don’t go insane. One thing I’ve introduced into my diet is ghee – ultra-clarified butter. I used it for the first time for some beef liver from Wolf Creek Farm and oh-my-goodness, the smell was intoxicating. Think of the best butter you’ve ever had and then amplify it. Yeah, it’s awesome. I sautéed a small yellow squash, mushroom and tomato hash with some broiled kale (set the smoke alarm off! oops!) and that yummy liver. Mmmmm.



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