Days 131-132, Guatemala City and back in the States!

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We decided to spend the last night in Guatemala at my paternal grandmother’s house – she may be 84 but she’ll hold a grudge for as long as you live. Her house is also the house where my parents and I lived while in Guatemala. It was way smaller than I remember, but it just goes to show how 18 years can alter your perception. The dinner was lovely and I’m so glad I got to spend one more night with my family because I really don’t know when I’ll get to see most of them again. Afterwards and the following morning, I browsed through all the photographs that she had stashed away. I found some really good ones but here are  the two that I loved the most.

My dad as a baby – bald and fat, just like I was. Also, I’m pretty sure there’s a picture somewhere of me making that exact face.

My grandmother’s family. She’s the little in her dad’s arms. My great-grandmother had a very intense look. Also, the little boy in front (my great-uncle) had the same death-stare I’ve perfected. I guess it runs in the family.

The day of our flight from Guatemala to the States was long and unexciting. But once we landed on American soil (at the Atlanta Airport before catching our connecting flight to DC) we found the most Americans foods we could – we first got BBQ and hamburgers (not pictured) followed by Starbucks. Mmmm, man was I glad to be home.

All in all, the trip was a success! Sure, there were things we could have done differently but it was all a learning experience. I’m absolutely glad to be home where I’m not afraid of the drinking water (or fruit). But the whole trip made me realize that I need to spend my life doing more things like that – exploring new cultures, trying new things, and becoming a citizen of the world. Hopefully, my next trip abroad won’t take 18 years to happen. I’ve had my heart set on Thailand for some time now, maybe it’s time to start planning…

One thought on “Days 131-132, Guatemala City and back in the States!

  1. daddy

    hey mami, just a correction, your grandmother is the lady in flowers dress,the little boy in her arms is your uncle chichio, and the gentleman in black suit is your great grand father.also the gay in the chair, is me, you daddy.kisses,I love you.

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