Day 98

Yesterday Chris' band performed at the Charlottesville Pavilion! (Now known as the nTelos Wireless Pavilion - wtf?) I really like this shot simply because it's always difficult for me to capture him playing (either he's in the back and blocked by other people or he's moving too fast) so I'm glad I got a couple of shots. I would have liked the quality to be a bit better but I'm working on it. Also, big news: new laptop coming in as soon as I get my tax refund - whoohoo!


  1. Great shot. Chris is right where he belongs.


    • Thanks Pat! Yeah, it was nice finally being able to capture him with the full drumset.

  2. Awesome shot! (Of course, I may be a bit biased!)

    • Haha, of course 😛 I’ll keep editing the photos and send some your way!


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