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Just got back to Charlottesville this morning!

Friday was a great day – spent some time in New Jersey at Chris’ parents’ house and headed to Philadelphia to explore. It was a windy/chilly day so we headed to the Reading Terminal Market. If you’ve ever been there and you know me, you’ll know that I found my mecca – FOOD EVERYWHERE. Literally, everywhere. We wanted to try as much as possible while spending as little as possible. We got: fresh roasted espresso, roasted pork tacos, GATOR ON A STICK, Guatemalan Ripple ice cream, veggie and chicken salad, and a rocky road brownie. Yes, I said Gator – as in alligator. It tasted like sausage but gamier. It was good. Afterwards we went to see the Liberty Bell but it was closed to we just walked around until it got too cold.

Gator on a stick. YUM. The dijon mustard they had on the side was pretty tasty too.

The Rocky Road Brownie I was so excited to eat that I bit into it before realizing I wanted to take a picture of it.

Reading Terminal Market!

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