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Having just finished reading The Vegetarian Myth, I’ve been inspired to make use of more local and sustainable foods. I feel it’s a responsibility everyone should take if access is readily available. Living in Central Virginia really does allow me to be more involved in the food that I consume. That’s why I loved going berry picking at a local, organic farm and making my own jam without using chemicals and ingredients that aren’t natural. Along similar lines, I’ve also gotten around to using about 6lbs of beef bones that I received in a cowshare we received last fall from Wolf Creek Farm. The bones have been sitting in my freezer just waiting to be used. It seemed like due time that I make some beef stock out of them! I let them simmer in my pot (they didn’t fit into our crockpot) for approximately 16hrs to really get all that I could out of them . I woke up to my house smelling like beef and it was glorious. After straining and separating everything, I ended up with massive bones (which will go to a friend’s lovable dog), about two quarts of beef stock (soup time!) and some awesome tallow that I’ve already started using in some sautées.

The book itself has its flaws in that it’s heavily biased and a bit bitchy, but rightfully so. Having a such a deep passion for food (hey, who doesn’t love to eat?) I want to be more educated and conscious about what I’m fueling my body with and the consequences of how those foods were obtained. Next on my list is Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma, which I’ve heard great things about.


Not gonna lie, these kinda look like dinosaur bones. They’re really fun to play with – I pretended I was a paleontologist. Sometimes, I act like a four year old and I’m okay with that 😛 Mmm, sweet separation! The tallow also gave me an excuse to finally use those glass jars I’ve been saving for no apparent reason!

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