Day 164 – 6.13.2011

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One of the responsibilities of the Whole30 nutrition challenge is knowing exactly what goes into your food. This practically eliminates being able to eat at restaurants. Even at the restaurant I work in, I can only eat the steamed broccoli and the baked sweet potatoes because all other veggies are either cooked with corn/vegetable/canola oil or have some other non-approved ingredients added somewhere in the recipe. So for the last 22 days, I’ve cooked every single meal I’ve consumed. Every. Single. Meal. It’s kind of exhausting just thinking about it but I’ve enjoyed the challenge of creating and combining flavors. Recently, I’ve been on a kale kick – it’s such a vibrant green color and its bitterness blends well with my two new favorite spices: paprika and cayenne pepper.

2 thoughts on “Day 164 – 6.13.2011

  1. Chloe [Photographer]

    how are you feeling, on this healthy food? are you feeling better?

    • Jenni

      Actually, I am. Not only am I sleeping better but I’ve also noticed that I’m not getting as many (or any) digestive problems as I used to (heartburn, tummy aches, etc).

      I’ve also noticed a dramatic change in my habits and cravings – I used to crave sweets whenever I’d see something sweet but I started feeding my cravings some healthy fats (nuts, avocado, coconut products) and the cravings slowly went away.

      On a similar note, I no longer feel the need for a “dessert” after dinner. Because I’m feeding my body the appropriate fuels, it’s fully satiated and I don’t need more than that.

      I’ve got one more week of the challenge so I’m planning on writing up a post on that with all that I’ve experienced, it’ll contain a more comprehensive explanation of all that I did. If you’re really interested in learning about the paleo diet, you can start here –

      Let me know what you think and if you’re interested at all in learning more, I can definitely point you in the direction of some really informative websites!

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