Well, that’s that.

It's time to be completely honest: I've more or less abandoned the 365 project. And while I never like admitting defeat, working 40+ hour weeks and focusing my energy to other photography-related pursuits have made me feel okay with my decision. I'm still constantly photographing my adventures in food and fitness (more food than fitness […]


rest·less adjective 1. characterized by or showing inability to remain at rest: a restless mood. 2. unquiet or uneasy, as a person, the mind, or the heart. The second definition is accurately describes me right now. I'm definitely going through a blogging-slump. Lack of inspiration and preoccupation with other matters has left my poor little blog all alone and neglected. In some ways, I feel like ...[Read More]

I’m back!

Hi everyone! Guatemala was amazing. It was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. The total count of places we visited was ELEVEN. My godparents (who were hosting us) told us that we visited more places in 17 days than they had in their entire lives. Traveling to a third-world country has […]

System Failure

Soooo.. my computer's slowly but surely crashing so I haven't been able to upload pictures I've taken (and yes, I've been taking pictures everyday). On Friday (Day 56) I took 300+ photos at the UVA Battle of the Bands, in which two of Chris' bands performed and one won first place! That was fun to […]