365 project

Day 189 – 7.8.2011

In this episode of "Weird Culinary Adventures with Jenni"... I cooked squid. And I wasn't intimidated or perplexed (and maybe I should have been). Having had squid many times before, I didn't really feel the need to look up a recipe or cooking techniques. I marinated it with a bit of Gunther's Gourmet Lemon Oregano […]

Day 186 – 7.5.2011

Having just finished reading The Vegetarian Myth, I've been inspired to make use of more local and sustainable foods. I feel it's a responsibility everyone should take if access is readily available. Living in Central Virginia really does allow me to be more involved in the food that I consume. That's why I loved going […]

Day 185 – 7.4.2011

Happy belated July 4th! The weather was quite apocalyptic here in Central Virginia for a large part of the day. I spent it making blueberry & rhubarb jam with Jess. It was really fun learning how the entire process works and how easy it was! Thanks for letting me be a part of the fun, […]

Day 184 – 7.3.2011

One of the foods I really missed while on the Whole30 were my all-time favorite primal almond banana pancakes. Since I'm very well-stocked on blueberries right now, I figured "why not have some almond banana blueberry pancakes for brunch?" Mmmm. They were especially good after a short but hilly run around Charlottesville in the morning […]

Day 183 – 7.2.2011

Blueberry picking season! I've never gone and was invited to come along with my friends Jess and Alex (from It Started with Yum) and man, did we pick berries. My freezer is now stocked with four quarts of blueberries which will (hopefully) last me a while. I've already made plans to make blueberry jam with […]

Day 182 – 7.1.2011

I am DETERMINED to get over my fear of photographing people I don't know. I forced myself to linger around the Downtown Mall and shoot since there were lots of people walking around. After seeing my friend Kyle perform The Anatomy of Frank's solo act, I ventured towards the Pavillion for some good solid crowd […]

Day 181 – 6.30.2011

Wow, can you believe it's already the end of June? It's crazy! This summer is flying by! The weather today was spectacular - beautiful sunshine with refreshing breezes, thank goodness it was my day off. What else could a girl ask for? Some well-earned Vitamin D and a good book. Note: I did not stay […]

Day 180 – 6.29.2011

I've had a lot of free time recently but it feels like I'm always rushing around. Ever since I was young, I've thrived on structure - everything must be scheduled. That's what I'm almost never late to anything. But lately, it's been making me a little crazy. With so much time to do what I […]