365 project

Day 205 – 7.24.2011

Some relief from the heat today! A small rainstorm rushed through and left puddles everywhere. Sidenote: I've also been playing around with Aperture all day so please forgive the post-processing flaws, it's the only way I'll learn.   I've mentioned before that I try to get one item from the Farmer's Market that I've never […]

Day 204 – 7.23.2011

Our box recently had it's 2 Year Anniversary and on Saturday, we were all invited to one of the owner's houses for a pool party! The humidity in Virginia right now is unforgiving so the water was just as hot as the air but once it cooled down it felt pretty comfortable. Can I just […]

Day 202 – 7.21.2011

Just to prove to you guys that I'm not sitting around eating my face off, here's a picture of my puddle of sweat from this morning's WOD! Deadlifts followed by tabatas of wall-balls, ball slams, and pushups. All in this wonderful (read: horrendous) Virginia heat. Fun, no? Gotta love it. I've been reading a lot […]

Days 199, 200 (!!), 201

Whoo! I've made it over the 200th day mark! I don't know what's crazier, the fact that I'm in the 200's or the fact that over 200 days of the year have gone by. Anyhoo, I'm clumping days together because it's less spam-y (not this spam-y) and because I'm lazy. Monday started hella early (early […]

Days 197, 198

This past weekend was exactly what I needed it to be. I started off by working a double on Friday (as a result, no photo) which established a surprisingly enjoyable rhythm of craziness. Chris and his parents were visiting for the weekend so I managed to get the two days off. Saturdays mean Farmer's Market […]

Day 195 – 7.14.2011

As I've mentioned, my parents visited me this past weekend. Whenever they come down, my mom insists on bringing me two things 1) flowers and 2) an obscene amount of fresh fruit. This time she brought me a beautiful bouquet of roses that I'm (hopefully) taking good care of, fresh figs and a whole (yes, […]

Day 193 – 7.12.2011

Edible, adj.:  Good to eat, and wholesome to digest, as a worm to a toad, a toad to a snake, a snake to a pig, a pig to a man, and a man to a worm.  ~Ambrose Bierce My new mantra for the kitchen.

Days 190, 191

Spent Saturday morning being very Charlottesville-y: walked to yoga (in my Vibrams), headed to the Farmer's Market (bought lots of local stuff), and walked home (still in my Vibrams). Yadda yadda yadda. Yes, I'm a nouveau-hippie. (This just made me laugh - "NO WHINING")Well-known fact: when the train comes through Charlottesville - everything must come […]