365 project

Day 3

This past fall, Chris (the boy) and I took part of a cow-share with several other people from our CrossFit box. We purchased 1/16th of a cow from Wolf Creek Farm. Included were several pounds of ground beef, bones for beef stock, and some massive pieces of meat. Also, a tongue. We had eaten tongue […]

Day 2

I went to the UVA vs. LSU men's basketball game tonight. It went pretty well - our team won. Nothing overly exciting occurred BUT! there was a frisbee dog performer at half-time. The lighting situation did not bode well for a great action shot but this was my favorite trick (and yes, the dog was […]

Day 1 – New Year’s Day

Every New Year's Day, I get to thinking about what the past year meant to me. 2010 was a year of transition. I graduated college. I officially moved out of my parent's house. I started my first real-world job. I started CrossFit. 2010 was the year that I started to become the person I want […]