a new experiment

I joined CrossFit Charlottesville in May 2010 and have loved it ever since. Almost religiously, I attended classes 3-5 times a week for the last year and a half. And while I've made some fantastic gains in strength and power (read about it here), I need to limit my CrossFit attendance. I've come to accept […]

simple & easy Brussels sprouts

You start with the salty smell of a good olive oil, where you actually taste olives, not oil. Take a large flat plate and get a good solid layer of oil over it, sprinkling lightly with your favorite sea salt. You’ve washed the small buds of Brussels sprouts, making sure all the dirt has been […]

Laughing groom photo

I assisted a fellow photographer at a wedding a couple of weekends ago and already feel like I'm more comfortable photographing people. (People are scary) I just have to practice, practice, practice. Food is so much easier. It was a small wedding, nothing too fancy but still a gorgeous event. Here's my favorite shot of […]

Because you don’t think I’m weird enough…

I've been growing my own mushrooms! Thanks to Back to the Roots, I've successfully grown and harvested delicious mushrooms in my own home. I just wanted to share this with you guys because I'm very proud of my mushroom babies and can't wait to eat more of them.

Upcoming recipes!

Okay, so I'm not just sitting on my butt and eating copious amounts of food (well, not ALL the time). I'm testing out a couple of recipes that I hope to share with everyone but several trials must be completed. (As a side note, testing recipes is a really good way to satisfy all your […]

Well, that’s that.

It's time to be completely honest: I've more or less abandoned the 365 project. And while I never like admitting defeat, working 40+ hour weeks and focusing my energy to other photography-related pursuits have made me feel okay with my decision. I'm still constantly photographing my adventures in food and fitness (more food than fitness […]

September 5, Day 248

This past Labor Day, despite the rain, we ventured out to Madison County to partake in the Meet Yer Eats Farm Tour. Meeting the people who grow my food means a lot to me, considering I'm putting a lot of trust (um, and my health) in their hands. Since Virginia is not a small state, […]

August 30, Day 242

Grilled Polyface chicken hearts & livers, local grilled okra, grilled green onions, sautéed brussels sprouts with toasted almond slices. Add wine & chocolate. Our dinner tonight!

August 29, Day 241

I spent a lot of walking around town today! I've been making an effort to use my car less and less and since I haven't been having the best of luck trying to find a small-framed bike, I'm using my legs instead. After spending my morning at a local coffee shop, I went on a […]

August 28, Day 240

Post-hurricane weather in Charlottesville produced the most beautiful day this summer (in my humble opinion). Sunny and bright with slight breezes to cool you down. We spent the day around town appreciating the little things that we don't get to do year round (like Sunday brunch!). Inspired by brunch at Brookville Restaurant, I wanted to […]